“a rose is still a rose so i rose above it. the more that they see the woman got a mind of her own, the less that they want a part of her throne; it figures”

– Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes (R.I.P.)

*also one of my biggest inspirations, let me insert a lovelyyyy picture below for aesthetics. enjoy. *


Hello, Hi. Welcome to my blog. I’m an 18 year old girl striving to tackle topics that I’m passionate about. For the most part I’m misunderstood. Call this what you want, an open forum, a confessional, but I like to see this platform as somewhere to discover individuals who can relate to similar situations and to be a voice for the youth. Hopefully we can start some dialogue in the comments section because the topics that are coming your way… just beware because I came to snatch edges.  I’m learning as I go through this thing called life *waits for someone to catch my August Alsina reference* anyway, moving on… It’s nice that you get to be a part of my journey right? Honestly,  I will always uphold and promote being the best you and doing whatever makes you happy, regardless of who’s watching – cliche right? I know; nevertheless, I digress. Unapologetically being me includes sinking my teeth into topics that people shy away from or don’t talk about enough so hold onto your wigs because I’m about to shake the table xoxo